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Our Cause

our cause

Evangelizing is salvation. Education is crucial in preventing poverty and promoting others to grow.

Our tireless work team, donors, and faith-leading volunteers make us proud. Thanks to all of you and to God, the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ continues to advance. Without your support, this would not be possible. Thank you for making this possible every year. This year was a little more difficult but with your love and faith in God, it was possible to collect and give a backpack to the Mayan children in Mexico.

Thank God and all of you for supporting the EBA ministry that makes it possible to continue preaching and evangelizing. We pray that God will continue to bless your lives, businesses, and families constantly in health and love. Our goal is to continue evangelizing and helping in the education of indigenous children in Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico,

Psalms 4:8 In peace, I will lie down, and also I will sleep; Because only you, Jehovah, make me live confident.

Today the gospel of Christ is preached to the indigenous Mayan communities, we help the poor with food and basic needs, we build small places for them to meet on Sundays to worship God, and we also

support 20 families of leading preachers in the jungle and benevolence for families in need, we have a house for migrants in Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua, where we give them food and clothing.

God bless and help you greatly. Sincerely your sister in Christ.

Anay Palomeque


Your donation will help provide education, food, medical care and change the lives of indigenous children.

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