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Do you want to help the indigenous communities of Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico?

Donate to EBA and change the lives of indigenous children

Your donation will help provide education, food and medical care.

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About Us.

EBA: Sharing Love and Hope.

We are a passionate team dedicated to empowering indigenous Mayan communities. Our faith and love for our neighbors drive us.

EBA is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of indigenous children in Chiapas.

Founded in 2000, EBA has helped thousands of Indigenous children access education, food and healthcare.

We provide essential humanitarian aid.

We share the love and word of God.

Join our mission!

Our team of volunteers works tirelessly to get every dollar into the hands of the indigenous children who need it most.

With EBA, your donation is multiplied.

Transform Lives and Cultures.

Your donation will help provide education, food and medical care to the indigenous children of Chiapas.

Education: The Key to a Bright Future

We will explore how education changes lives and paves the way to a promising future for indigenous Mayan children in Mexico.

Faith and Solidarity: Sharing the Message of Love

Faith and solidarity are pillars of our work. Find out how we are sharing a message of love.

Feeding Hope: Our Humanitarian Work in Action

Our humanitarian efforts and how we are fueling the hopes of indigenous Mayan communities.

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Why should I donate?

You make a difference

Your donation has a direct and positive impact on the lives of indigenous Mayan children in Mexico. By contributing, you are providing access to quality education, food, healthcare, and a brighter future for those who need it most. Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of those who face daily challenges.

You Build Strong Communities

By donating to EBA, you are contributing to building stronger, more resilient communities. We help build safe places for the community, support community leaders and provide essential humanitarian aid. Your donation not only impacts individuals, but also strengthens entire communities.

You share Love and Faith

EBA not only offers material help, but also shares the love and word of God. Your donation helps spread the message of love, hope and faith among indigenous Mayan communities. You are contributing to a holistic change that encompasses both the physical and spiritual needs of those we serve.


Stories of hope and Transformation.

Discover the Voices That Reflect the True Magic of Our Work: Testimonials from Those Whose Lives Have Changed.

Thanks to EBA support, my son was able to go to school and learn to read and write. Now he has a better future.

Carmen Ramírez


EBA helped us provide food for our children during the pandemic. We are very grateful.

Marcela Gómez


EBA provided medical care to our son who was sick. Now he is healthy and happy.

Josefina López


We understand your concerns when donating.

We want to assure you that every penny is invested in changing lives and creating a lasting impact in the indigenous Mayan communities of Mexico. Our transparency and dedication are our commitment to you.




SPECIAL THANKS Matthew 19:14

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