3323 Donegal El Paso Texas 79925.

SPECIAL THANKS Matthew 19:14

To everyone who has been supporting the mission. We managed to bless 2500 children with love, peace, joy. Thanks to these activities, helps us open doors to continue evangelizing two new communities.

Pedrito “Thank you for sending me toys, candy and a sandwich. On my birthday I told my grandmother not to cry if she had nothing to give me, God was going to send us with the gringos in December.” FAITH. We are the only ones who bring toys to the indigenous Mayans.

With your donations each month we can help with a little for church construction, youth activities, leaders' meetings, and women's meetings. Please help us knock on doors, to raise funds for the following activities, also, to continue building the small worship centers, we beg you with all our hearts, there are more than 20 communities waiting.

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